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Now you can upload Your Own Pictures on YouCouldGetme

Now you can upload your own pictures to YouCouldGetMe

Now you can upload your own pictures to YouCouldGetMe

Christmas is coming and we all want to make sure that Santa knows exactly what we want.

Youcouldgetme has added a new feature which enables you to upload your own pictures. This means that you can have a picture for each item in your wish list, or only selected items, maybe just the ones that you really want.

Another benefit of this new feature is the ability to add a profile or introduction to your wish list. See example on the view wish lists page. To do this:

  1. Create a new category, name it something like “Introduction”; “Profile”; or something you find to be most appropriate.
  2. Move this category to the top of the list, assuming that you want your profile/introduction at the top of the page.
  3. Add a new item to this category.
  4. Use the Link text as the heading.
  5. Use the Link URL to Link to your own wish list; see how to do this here.
  6. Add what ever you have to say in the notes section.
  7. Click the add Gift Item.
  8. To add a picture to your profile or introduction see this page.

Adding pictures to your wish list provides much more visual impact and certainly makes your wish list more interesting.

Your ‘you could get me’ wish list is also a great place to bookmark products you will buy for yourself or others at some point in the future. Even items you spot at work that you want to review when you get home. Simply add the item to your wish list, I add them to a specific category “Reminders”, and in the section ‘who can see this item’, select the option “Only Selected Friends and Family”. If you do not specify which friends or family then only you can see these items.

Remember it is much much easier to add items to your wish list using the bookmarklet.

Best Wishes for Christmas 2010

The YouCouldGetMe Development Team