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Now you can upload Your Own Pictures on YouCouldGetme

Now you can upload your own pictures to YouCouldGetMe

Now you can upload your own pictures to YouCouldGetMe

Christmas is coming and we all want to make sure that Santa knows exactly what we want.

Youcouldgetme has added a new feature which enables you to upload your own pictures. This means that you can have a picture for each item in your wish list, or only selected items, maybe just the ones that you really want.

Another benefit of this new feature is the ability to add a profile or introduction to your wish list. See example on the view wish lists page. To do this:

  1. Create a new category, name it something like “Introduction”; “Profile”; or something you find to be most appropriate.
  2. Move this category to the top of the list, assuming that you want your profile/introduction at the top of the page.
  3. Add a new item to this category.
  4. Use the Link text as the heading.
  5. Use the Link URL to Link to your own wish list; see how to do this here.
  6. Add what ever you have to say in the notes section.
  7. Click the add Gift Item.
  8. To add a picture to your profile or introduction see this page.

Adding pictures to your wish list provides much more visual impact and certainly makes your wish list more interesting.

Your ‘you could get me’ wish list is also a great place to bookmark products you will buy for yourself or others at some point in the future. Even items you spot at work that you want to review when you get home. Simply add the item to your wish list, I add them to a specific category “Reminders”, and in the section ‘who can see this item’, select the option “Only Selected Friends and Family”. If you do not specify which friends or family then only you can see these items.

Remember it is much much easier to add items to your wish list using the bookmarklet.

Best Wishes for Christmas 2010

The YouCouldGetMe Development Team


Browse through 100’s of shops simultaneously!

RatingsWorld - The Mother of UK Shopping sites

RatingsWorld - Hundreds of Stores, Millions of Products, One Website

Retailers include many of the UK top high street names such as:

Borders; Currys; Early Learning Centre; Earnest Jones; Hamleys; Marks and Spencer; Toys R Us  and 100’s more.

You can choose a department, a product category, a sub category, a price range, a particular brand or a particular store. For Example: Electronics -> Audio Equipment -> Audio Systems -> Sony.

If you know what you want there is also a search box. Simply type in the name of the items you are looking for. For Example: Wii Fit.

No need to go from one web site to another, everything you want is now available at:

RatingsWorld: Hundreds of Stores, Millions of Products, One Website

Baby Shower Anyone?

In addition to making an online wish list for Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings or Bar mitzvahs, many users are also creating Baby Shower Gift Lists online.  There are many online stores carrying a range of items suitable for our infants and toddlers.

One store carrying a range of strollers from leading manufacturers is In addition to Graco Strollers, they also carry MacLaren Strollers, BOB Strollers, Peg Perego Strollers, Baby Jogger and Chicco Strollers.  So you are bound to find something that you like.

If you want to add a particular stroller to your baby shower wish list, just go to one of the detail pages and copy the URL. now includes direct linking

Yes, we have been listening.

You can now add a link direct to your own gift list.

See full details on How to Create a Link to My Wish List.

Looking to buy gifts for your friends or family; or just wanting to add items to your own gift list?

Then our new Gift Finder  is just what you need.  The gift finder allows you to search by country; by category; by Price Range; by Keywords; or by any combination of these.  If I have absolutely no idea what to buy for someone, I just Select  ‘All Categories’, and Enter my Price Range and take at peek at everything that comes up.  This is a great way to get ideas.

Oh! If you want to get me a little something for Christmas this year, then you can View My Wish List here.

Let Your Father copy his old vinyl records to his new iPod

USB turntable

This USB turntable from Sharper Image is perfect for anyone with a collection of music on vinyl or cassette.

With the software provided you can convert your vinyl into MP3s and even burn them to a CD. Unlike many others, it also features a hinged dust cover to protect your valuable music collection.

Considering what a treasure it would be to be able to listen to your record collection on modern equipment and on-the-go, the $199.95 is a great buy for this top of the line piece of equipment.

Add This To Your YouCouldGetMe.Com Wishlist!

Webmasters: Want A Wish List For Your Shopping Site?

If your website sells products or services, having your visitors add these items to a wish list makes sense.  It makes even more sense when you realise that people buying items from the gift list will buy these items from YOUR website.

It is much more beneficial for your customers to maintain a single wish list with access to all websites rather than maintain a gift list on all the websites they visit, and this is beneficial to you, because customers will be reminded often about your website, and share it freely with their friends. offers a FREE gift list service. The service is FREE to both you the website operator and to your customers.

Find out More about our Wish List service.