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Soft Loveable … Bowling Pins

les-loustics-ninepins.jpgMoulin Roty, makers of some of the most adorable soft toys from France, has created this sweet Bowling Set for children 2+ years for sale on the Tiddly Widdly website.

“Includes four pins and one ball made of ultra-soft fabric. Each pin is one of the Les Loustics characters.  Pins measure 8″ tall and have weighted bottoms.”

At $42.00, this is more expensive than your average plastic toy, but this is anything but ‘average’.  A special treat and a toy that is bound to be enjoyed, played with, and loved!

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Kindnotes – Personal Expressions

KindnotesAn innovative idea we ran across recently is called Kindnotes.

Select a decorative jar and have it filled with personalised messages, one for every day of the month, and have them decorated as you choose. 

Have something special you want to say?  You can write your own messages, or if you’re the type that fumbles with words, they offer a library of 200 of their own notes for you to choose from.  They even have a handwriting service if you plan to create the messages, but want them elegantly presented.

Depending on the jar and embellishments chosen, you could have all this thoughtfulness for $26-$40 US, and it’s suitable for any occassion.  When isn’t a good time to say what’s in your heart?

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