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Digital Picture Frame

Phillips Digital Frame sells this beautiful digital picture frame from Phillips.  We’ve all seen these before, but this one is highly rated among Amazon shoppers and has some great features others don’t!

  • Displays your digital photos with professional print quality and the full spectrum of colors
  • 6.5-inch viewable LCD display features of adjustable brightness to match ambient light conditions, and intuitive operation that doesn’t require any programming
  • Connects via USB directly to your camera or PC; supports up to 12-megapixel photos in the JPEG format
  • Runs on AC power via the included adapter, or lasts up to 8 hours on its included rechargeable battery
  • Interchangeable frame; three additional mattes included
  • The current price of $129.99 is a 35% saving off the normal retail price!  A great gift for any occassion and sure to be appreciated!

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    Swiss Army Memory Tool

    Swiss Army Memory Tool

    This Swiss Army Memory Tool from combines geek and gadget with a timeless classic for men: the pocket knife.

    The same company that perfected the pocket knife introduces a digital counterpart for the information age: portable memory. Swiss Army’s mobile device puts digital memory in the palm of their hand—literally. It arrives ready to store digital photos, computer documents, music files and more. The tool needs no external power source—it simply plugs into the USB port of almost any computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

    At just $115, you get name-brand quality and convenience!

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