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Pre Paid Visa Gift Cards

Pre Paid Visa Gift Card

We all like to personalize our gifts and buy something that our friends and family will truly be happy with.  Usually, the opt out when we can’t think of anything is a store gift voucher.

The downside to that is that it limits the recipient is limited to just one store.  It would be even better if you could shop anywhere you want and this is where the Pre Paid Visa Gift Card comes to the rescue.

The great thing about this particular card is that you can customize to make it look the way you want which makes it that bit more personal.


Webmasters: Want A Wish List For Your Shopping Site?

If your website sells products or services, having your visitors add these items to a wish list makes sense.  It makes even more sense when you realise that people buying items from the gift list will buy these items from YOUR website.

It is much more beneficial for your customers to maintain a single wish list with access to all websites rather than maintain a gift list on all the websites they visit, and this is beneficial to you, because customers will be reminded often about your website, and share it freely with their friends. offers a FREE gift list service. The service is FREE to both you the website operator and to your customers.

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Chef For A Day

Chef for a DayAlthough kitchen gadgets can be great, sometimes they say “Get To Work”.  That’s no problem with this gift from Signature Days, the Personal Chef For A Day

Treat someone you love to having someone else do all the hard work, and getting a fantastic meal experience to boot!  Available in many cities in the United States, and priced at around $55.00, this is an affordable gift that will feel like a once-in-a-lifetime treat.

Thoughtful and unusual!  A great gift anyone would enjoy, but especially that person in your life that is always chained to the stove!

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Say “Relax” with Pajamagram

Pajamagram Pajamagram gifts have come up with a cool way to say ‘relax’ to someone you love.  Each women’s gift comes with pajamas, a special hatbox container, a do not disturb sign, and a lavender sachet.

Or choose a special package like this “Tranquility Set” that comes with fun pajamas, a good book, and a hot cup of tea. That’s all she needs to feel relaxed!

A useful gift presented in a thoughtful way, and at $69.95, it fits within most budgets. (Plus sizes also available for $74.95)

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Kindnotes – Personal Expressions

KindnotesAn innovative idea we ran across recently is called Kindnotes.

Select a decorative jar and have it filled with personalised messages, one for every day of the month, and have them decorated as you choose. 

Have something special you want to say?  You can write your own messages, or if you’re the type that fumbles with words, they offer a library of 200 of their own notes for you to choose from.  They even have a handwriting service if you plan to create the messages, but want them elegantly presented.

Depending on the jar and embellishments chosen, you could have all this thoughtfulness for $26-$40 US, and it’s suitable for any occassion.  When isn’t a good time to say what’s in your heart?

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