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Pre Paid Visa Gift Cards

Pre Paid Visa Gift Card

We all like to personalize our gifts and buy something that our friends and family will truly be happy with.  Usually, the opt out when we can’t think of anything is a store gift voucher.

The downside to that is that it limits the recipient is limited to just one store.  It would be even better if you could shop anywhere you want and this is where the Pre Paid Visa Gift Card comes to the rescue.

The great thing about this particular card is that you can customize to make it look the way you want which makes it that bit more personal.


Baby Shower Anyone?

In addition to making an online wish list for Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings or Bar mitzvahs, many users are also creating Baby Shower Gift Lists online.  There are many online stores carrying a range of items suitable for our infants and toddlers.

One store carrying a range of strollers from leading manufacturers is In addition to Graco Strollers, they also carry MacLaren Strollers, BOB Strollers, Peg Perego Strollers, Baby Jogger and Chicco Strollers.  So you are bound to find something that you like.

If you want to add a particular stroller to your baby shower wish list, just go to one of the detail pages and copy the URL.


Webmasters: Want A Wish List For Your Shopping Site?

If your website sells products or services, having your visitors add these items to a wish list makes sense.  It makes even more sense when you realise that people buying items from the gift list will buy these items from YOUR website.

It is much more beneficial for your customers to maintain a single wish list with access to all websites rather than maintain a gift list on all the websites they visit, and this is beneficial to you, because customers will be reminded often about your website, and share it freely with their friends. offers a FREE gift list service. The service is FREE to both you the website operator and to your customers.

Find out More about our Wish List service.

Soft Loveable … Bowling Pins

les-loustics-ninepins.jpgMoulin Roty, makers of some of the most adorable soft toys from France, has created this sweet Bowling Set for children 2+ years for sale on the Tiddly Widdly website.

“Includes four pins and one ball made of ultra-soft fabric. Each pin is one of the Les Loustics characters.  Pins measure 8″ tall and have weighted bottoms.”

At $42.00, this is more expensive than your average plastic toy, but this is anything but ‘average’.  A special treat and a toy that is bound to be enjoyed, played with, and loved!

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For Creative Little Pirates

This adorable Children’s Puppet Show set complete with Pirates from is sure to be a favorite at birthdays or Christmas.

“Let your children dream up a pirate production with this well crafted Puppet Theater. The five little puppets fit great on fingers, but also come with sticks for more behind the scenes options. Each puppet has a wooden head with a painted face and a fun costume. The wooden constructed theater has ‘sparkly’ curtains that can be tied up when the show begins! Puppet Theater with Pirates was designed and finely crafted in Germany. ”

The detail and quality make it worth the price tag of $59.99, and children will get hours and hours of creative play time, and are sure to put on productions that will amuse adults as well. 

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Prepaid Cell Phones – For kids on the go

Want your kids to be able to stay in touch, but fear huge phone bills?  Then prepaid is the way to go.  This Motorola from is both very cool, and covers the basics, without breaking the bank.

At $50 (current price with signup), it won’t be a panic if the child loses it, and they’ll learn the value of the dollar as they top it up when the time is used up.   It’s worth it just for the peace of mind of knowing they can call home if they need to, they’re always within reach, and they’ll feel grown up having a phone of their very own.

Also perfect for cell-phone-phobics who want to be able to call home to say they’re going to be running late, but don’t want to spend their entire lives on the phone. 

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