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Browse through 100’s of shops simultaneously!

RatingsWorld - The Mother of UK Shopping sites

RatingsWorld - Hundreds of Stores, Millions of Products, One Website

Retailers include many of the UK top high street names such as:

Borders; Currys; Early Learning Centre; Earnest Jones; Hamleys; Marks and Spencer; Toys R Us  and 100’s more.

You can choose a department, a product category, a sub category, a price range, a particular brand or a particular store. For Example: Electronics -> Audio Equipment -> Audio Systems -> Sony.

If you know what you want there is also a search box. Simply type in the name of the items you are looking for. For Example: Wii Fit.

No need to go from one web site to another, everything you want is now available at:

RatingsWorld: Hundreds of Stores, Millions of Products, One Website


Pre Paid Visa Gift Cards

Pre Paid Visa Gift Card

We all like to personalize our gifts and buy something that our friends and family will truly be happy with.  Usually, the opt out when we can’t think of anything is a store gift voucher.

The downside to that is that it limits the recipient is limited to just one store.  It would be even better if you could shop anywhere you want and this is where the Pre Paid Visa Gift Card comes to the rescue.

The great thing about this particular card is that you can customize to make it look the way you want which makes it that bit more personal.

Let Your Father copy his old vinyl records to his new iPod

USB turntable

This USB turntable from Sharper Image is perfect for anyone with a collection of music on vinyl or cassette.

With the software provided you can convert your vinyl into MP3s and even burn them to a CD. Unlike many others, it also features a hinged dust cover to protect your valuable music collection.

Considering what a treasure it would be to be able to listen to your record collection on modern equipment and on-the-go, the $199.95 is a great buy for this top of the line piece of equipment.

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Webmasters: Want A Wish List For Your Shopping Site?

If your website sells products or services, having your visitors add these items to a wish list makes sense.  It makes even more sense when you realise that people buying items from the gift list will buy these items from YOUR website.

It is much more beneficial for your customers to maintain a single wish list with access to all websites rather than maintain a gift list on all the websites they visit, and this is beneficial to you, because customers will be reminded often about your website, and share it freely with their friends. offers a FREE gift list service. The service is FREE to both you the website operator and to your customers.

Find out More about our Wish List service.

Digital Picture Frame

Phillips Digital Frame sells this beautiful digital picture frame from Phillips.  We’ve all seen these before, but this one is highly rated among Amazon shoppers and has some great features others don’t!

  • Displays your digital photos with professional print quality and the full spectrum of colors
  • 6.5-inch viewable LCD display features of adjustable brightness to match ambient light conditions, and intuitive operation that doesn’t require any programming
  • Connects via USB directly to your camera or PC; supports up to 12-megapixel photos in the JPEG format
  • Runs on AC power via the included adapter, or lasts up to 8 hours on its included rechargeable battery
  • Interchangeable frame; three additional mattes included
  • The current price of $129.99 is a 35% saving off the normal retail price!  A great gift for any occassion and sure to be appreciated!

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    Dresser Valet – A place for men to put things

    Dresser Valet

    Brookstone offers this Leather Dresser Valet for men.  Perfect for those guys who always have a pocket full of stuff, and end up just throwing it on the dresser.  It holds keys, glasses, watches, and loose change.

    For such a high-quality item with nice stitching and with fine details, the price tag of $79.95 seems quite reasonable!  And who couldn’t use a little extra organisation.

    Classy and well made.  Very thoughtful!  Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or Father’s Day.

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    Prepaid Cell Phones – For kids on the go

    Want your kids to be able to stay in touch, but fear huge phone bills?  Then prepaid is the way to go.  This Motorola from is both very cool, and covers the basics, without breaking the bank.

    At $50 (current price with signup), it won’t be a panic if the child loses it, and they’ll learn the value of the dollar as they top it up when the time is used up.   It’s worth it just for the peace of mind of knowing they can call home if they need to, they’re always within reach, and they’ll feel grown up having a phone of their very own.

    Also perfect for cell-phone-phobics who want to be able to call home to say they’re going to be running late, but don’t want to spend their entire lives on the phone. 

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