Create a Royal Wedding Gift Registry and add a link on your Facebook page

Royal Wedding announced by Prince William and Kate Middleton

Royal Wedding announced by Prince William and Kate Middleton

Weddings are always fun and exciting and Royal Weddings are no exception.  So now that Prince William has announced officially that he is to marry Kate Middleton the fun begins.

You can join in the fun right here at YouCouldgetMe.  How?

Imagine that you are one of the Royal Couple and create your very own wedding registry gift list. Where would you shop? What gifts are appropriate for a Royal Wedding? Do you just try and think of the most fantastic gifts imaginable?

This is what you need to do:

  1. Create a special account using a unique User Name and Email Address at YouCouldGetMe. If you currently have an account at YouCouldGetMe then use a separate account for your Royal Wedding gift list.
  2. Add an introduction with a category heading “Royal Wedding Gift Registry”.
  3. Let the fun begin. Go on a virtual shopping spree adding anything you find and deem to be appropriate for Your Royal Wedding.
  4. Add a link to your Facebook page. See How to link to your wish list.
  5. Tweet a link to your friends.
  6. Add a comment to this post linking back to your Royal Wedding Gift Registry.

You can do this yourself, with a group of friends, or even as an office department effort.

If you enjoyed the experience then you will certainly have just as much fun creating your own wish list, wedding registry or baby shower on YouCouldGetMe.


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